About Me

Caroline Barraclough of Caz Consulting and Training

Caroline Barraclough

My name is Caroline Barraclough. I live in London and I run Caz Bookkeeping and
Caz Consulting & Training.

I love bookkeeping because I love logic and I love people.

Numbers are great aren’t they? They obey rules and they can tell us so much. Computers are amazing tools and are changing our world. People? Well no two people are the same! They are wonderful and unpredictable, and their business ideas are as diverse as their imaginations.

Here’s a bit about me:
I am an Art graduate, a sculptor with a current creative leaning towards painting and textiles.

From college my first full time job was teaching knitting machine techniques in Cape Town. I love to travel and I really enjoy learning new things myself and seeing people mastering new skills and transforming their own lives.

For the sake of a mortgage and family I took a leap and trained as a computer programmer and much to my amazement it was a wonderfully satisfying occupation. I am a naturally analytical thinker and I enjoy being part of a team.

I launched a sole trader knitwear business, designing and selling knitwear, when my children were small. I worked from home and had a small team of freelance outworkers. I love the company of entrepreneurs and the energy they bring to their businesses.

My children grew and I found myself spending more and more time volunteering in school. I was drawn back into teaching and learning and trained and worked as a teacher for several years.

Of course, my logical mind would resurface and I qualified as a bookkeeper and managed to combine my creative, logical and educational worlds for a year working part-time in the Art department. of a secondary school whilst also freelancing as a newly fledged bookkeeper. I have now run Caz Bookkeeping for several years and have a wonderful portfolio of clients.

Caz Consulting and Training is my response to a growing need amongst sole traders and small business owners for training and support entering the digital era. I am offering a non-bookkeeping service helping entrepreneurs to move to cloud accounting software.

It’s an exciting world with HMRC’s ambitions and ever-improving digital technology transforming the way we handle our finances.

Accreditations and Partnerships

As well as being ICB Registered and supervised, I have Bronze partnership status with Xero cloud based accounting software.

ICB License No: 18546

Xero Advisor Certified